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Steroids In Sports

A company designed to meet the needs of athletes across the globe, Pharmaqo is often known as one of the best choices in performance-enhancing supplements, and they’re only getting better. They continually work to find the hottest new manufacturing technology to offer better, purer products to athletes.

The company is not only a top choice, but they’re also working to fight counterfeits of their products. Today, they print every single label with a QR code that allows you to authenticate the supplement, and they have multilayer vial labels to help you ensure you’re getting a real Pharmaqo product. They also print all of their labels with Rosette lines that are only visible under UV light to help further promote authenticity. They’ve even gone as far as designing a bespoke flip off cap so athletes can ensure they’re getting the real thing every time they buy.

One of the best aspects of supplements from this brand is the purity level. Over the years, they’ve refined their supply chain to ensure higher quality APIs, and they test every batch before purchase. Their GMP certified laboratory maintains strict protocols to create higher levels of accuracy and purity, and every single product is sent out for HPLC testing at independent labs. All of the results are even posted to Pharmaqo’s website so athletes have instant access to the information they need.

Pharmaqo has built an entire line of great supplements that are designed to help you see results in the gym. Take a look at our complete product catalog now.