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PHARMASUST 250 Ampules – Pharmacom Labs


Blend of 4 Testosterones

Oil based injectable.

10 x 1ml ampules

1ml = 250 mg

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 PHARMASUST 250 / Blend of 4 Testosterones in ampules – Pharmacom Labs

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Pharmasust 250 Ampules are commonly used by doctors for the maintenance of a healthy immune system. They help in relieving back pain because it helps relieve the back from all kinds of pain. Also, they can be used for relieving the common symptoms such as aches and pains, shoulder stiffness, stiffness in your back and neck pain, etc. This helps the body to get rid of toxins, which in turn keeps you fit and healthy. It can also be used to help in reducing inflammation in the body thus making you free from pain.