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Steroids In Sports

Primobol is one of the many oral steroids available today, and it plays a serious role in the gym today. Many of the biggest names have claimed to use it, and it may be the ideal add on to your stack.

What Is It?

Primobol is methenolone acetate. It was initially developed in 1962 by Squibb, and at first, both oral and injectable versions were available. These days, though, only the oral version is available. Unlike others on the market, it doesn’t aromatize, which is attractive for many lifters.
Most use it at a rate of 400 mg. A typical cycle length with Primobol is ten weeks. If you’ve used it before, you can use as much as 1000 mg for the same period of time.

The Benefits

There are several reasons to consider Primobol. Most take it because it’s ideal during a cutting cycle. It’s perfect for fat loss because it can help preserve your lean muscle mass while you’re cutting. If you use it at higher doses, it’s great if you’re trying to bulk, especially if you’re stacking it because it can promote nitrogen retention, which is a must for muscle growth. It may also help strengthen your immune system.

The Side Effects

Hair loss is one of the most common side effects of Primobol. You may also notice lower testosterone levels and mood swings with this one. Acne outbreaks can also happen, though most experience fairly low androgenic side effects with Primobol.

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