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Steroids In Sports

SIS Labs is one of the oldest names in the bodybuilding industry. Founded by veteran bodybuilders, the company understands what it’s like to deal with counterfeit copies of supplements that just don’t work. In fact, the entire company now works to prevent counterfeiting with some of the latest technologies on the market.

Their production facility is located in Eastern Europe, and the company has taken steps to obtain GMP certification to keep standards high. They even invested in anti-counterfeit technology that continually redesigns their packaging to help prevent cheaper knock-offs from entering the market with their brand name on them.

They’ve invested extensively in research to help make certain that the newest technologies are available to their brand to build newer, better formulations that use the least amount of additives to deliver real power to today’s athletes. Their R & D team also works with licensed API manufacturers to develop new standards for purity, which translates to a better choice for the athletes they serve. To help prove their commitment to purity, they work with an independent lab in Switzerland to continually test raw materials and finished products to help keep standards higher. They even regularly publish their test results so customers get a better understanding of what they have to offer.

SIS Labs means higher quality products, and it will continue to redefine that term for the generations of athletes that have yet to even hit the gym. Learn more about their products and explore our complete supply now.