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Steroids In Sports

Working to build muscle is always a delicate balancing act. After all, building muscle at some point will mean cutting fat, but that can be tougher than building the muscle. The right help during the cutting phase is just around the corner, though, with Stanazolol.

What Is It?

This synthetic steroid is actually derived from pure testosterone. While it can be taken orally, the better form is through intramuscular injection.
To achieve the highest fat-burning effects, most use between forty and eighty mg each day, and you will need to use it on a daily basis, as it only stays in your body for about twenty-four hours. Most use it on a six-week cycle.

The Benefits

Stanazolol can quickly help reduce the percentage of body fat that you have, which may lead to a more muscular build. That means it’s perfect during the cutting phase It activates the receptors that are used when your body is working to build muscle. That helps to stimulate protein synthesis and erythropoietin production, which means you actually increase your body’s ability to burn fat, giving your muscles a bit more fuel to build at a much faster rate.

The Side Effects.

There are some possible side effects with Stanazolol. It causes acne, hair loss, and increased cholesterol levels. It can also cause joint pain during workouts while you’re taking it.

If you think Stanazolol might be the right solution to help you build muscle and burn fat, shop our complete supply now.