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Steroids In Sports

Testosterones are a powerful solution in the gym. They help increases bone and muscle mass, which can be a huge boost when you just need a little push to help reach your goals.

What Is It?

Testosterones work by ensuring your body’s muscle cells produce more protein. If you’re working out, this can mean a serious training boost because almost immediately, your body will put that added protein to use by increasing muscle size and strength. Wondering why it produces so much growth? It helps your muscles retain more nitrogen, which promotes protein synthesis. That pushes your body to produce additional ATP, which is the fuel that your muscles need to get moving and repair or rebuild muscle tissue you’ve broken down during the training process.
Testosterones usually come in two different forms oral and injectable. Oral steroids tend to last just three to five hours, so frequent dosing is necessary. They’re not absorbed quite as well as injectable versions. Injectable versions stay in the bloodstream longer, and the side effects tend to be less noticeable than the oral version.

The Benefits

Testosterone is often the choice for those who are looking to build muscle and bulk up because they can easily add up to about thirty pounds of muscle with just a single cycle of the medication, as long as diet and lifestyle modifications are already in place.

The Side Effects

Decreased natural testosterone levels are the most common side effect. You may also notice numbness or tingling. Ready to find the right choice for you? Browse our complete selection of testosterone now.